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We’re all about results. Marketers are charged to deliver more: greater brand awareness, strong lead generation and broad sales support––often times with less budget. With today’s digital transformation, there’s tons of data spilling out from numerous sources. Brands today need a marketing agency capable of harnessing the power of that raw data and turning it into actionable intelligence with world class creative. That’s why we built Digitent and why we’re offering our digital marketing services.



Today, podcasting has broken through as a leading platform for driving brand engagement in compelling ways. At Digitent we are creating custom podcast series’ with renowned hosts and story tellers for our clients designed to weave the brand narrative into the story, in alignment with marketing objectives. For many of our clients now is the time for an integrated podcasting strategy.




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Marketing agency partners Marty and Kerry grew up together in Crestwood, NY, just outside of Manhattan, and have known each other since the age of two. Un-related “brothers,” they can (and do) finish each other’s sentences.


Diehard entrepreneurs – just like their dads. Marty from the tech world. He started at IBM, and then went to a mid-market software company. Kerry from the media and ad world. He started his own publication and then went to Time Inc.





Their worlds converged in 2006, as did their business backgrounds––the tech world and ad world were collided big time. Tech companies were advertising platforms. The media landscape was exploding and mid-size advertisers needed help. They founded a media planning and buying agency, Working Media Group, to be strategic marketing advisers to mid-size companies.


The first clients were direct marketers. Totally performance driven. They had a compelling offer and WMG helped them test media tactics and properties and track the performance to each ad. Performance was a given. Marty and Kerry were like partners to their clients. They treated the business as if it was their own. If it worked, they would grow and WMG would grow with them.. Soon WMG was named to the Inc. 500 fastest growing companies.


With this foundation and pure performance experience Marty and Kerry were ready when the world of business shifted again. They saw the digital revolution coming and embraced it. They evolved their resources and skills. Digital partners and clients were gathering piles of data and needed to make sense of it. To make it actionable. They needed cutting edge digital marketing services.


Most importantly, people around the world were in love with digital and spending more and more time there. And now of course, digital is the primary source of entertainment and information. Then came social. Mobile. You get it.


Digitent was created as a performance-driven, data-first, full-service (digital, media, creative) marketing agency. The first full-service, account based marketing agency to be born out of media––and not vice versa. Marketers need a brand, a message, and a content and distribution strategy driven by data. They need to better identify their customers, their prospects and where they are consuming media. They need trusted partners to help them better access and analyze data. And, much like those direct marketers, they need to track and measure performance.


We’re here to get results for our clients. Isn’t that the point of any marketing agency? Today we still remain true to our founding principles: Trust and performance. A strategic partner marketers can trust. Independent. Nimble and smart. Creative yet performance driven. Marty and Kerry promise that Digitent will deliver as advertised.