Because we really can’t develop a B2B marketing strategy without a deep understanding of the target, our strategic offerings as a marketing strategy agency include a deep dive into existing CRM and Marketing Automation systems, as the best insights are most often found by harvesting data from a client’s existing systems. If the systems or processes are not gathering key data, we’ll recommend how to restructure them to capture the right data at the right stages to properly uncover actionable insights and ultimately measure and optimize performance. It’s a potentially eye-opening process of discovery, and one of the most important things a digital strategy agency like Digitent can do for you.


One output from a deep dive into a client’s own data is a better understanding of Ideal Customer Profiles (ICP) and other important segments. Identifying ICPs and proper segmentation drives more effective B2B marketing solutions including account based marketing and personalization of content and messaging. Our teams pull available syndicated research and design primary research to dig deep into audience perceptions, customer journey, and the competitive landscape. That customer or buyer journey will need to be laid out so that content can be mapped against it to identify gaps and opportunities.