What We Bring to the Table as a Creative Agency


We have been talking here about results and a critical aspect of achieving client objectives is reflected in our work product. Without the right creative agency, there is often a gap between strategy and execution, or sometimes the execution is just not good enough. At Digitent great execution that delivers on strategy is at the core of what we do.


Below are a few highlights on how we’ve achieved results for some of our clients. Thanks also to them for their partnership in getting there.
The strategy: Give the brand a more human touch with a breakthrough branding campaign.
The result: 35 million more US users, a 70% increase.
The strategy: Shift to intensely data-driven media buying strategy to ensure each dollar spent has the effect of ten dollars.
The result: A 200% increase in membership while spending 25% less in media.
The strategy: Launch a rebrand campaign that captures the spirit of a growing company and positions them to become a true force in their industry.
The result: Client growth from $500 million to $2.5 billion in just six years and is now the 3rd largest ERP in the world.
The Strategy: Launch a rebrand anticipating a major introduction of a sibling brand in the Heineken portfolio Amstel Light needed to carve out a place to land.
The Results: Successful brand repositioning paid off as both Heineken Light and Amstel Light remain relevant brands to the beer faithful among top-selling imports.
The strategy: Refresh the sales funnel to bring in qualified customers with new creative and content and maximize sales efficiency with more accurate data.
The result: Monthly recurring revenue increase of 95% and grew sales pipeline contacts 89%.
The strategy: Ditch a one-size-fits all messaging by building audience segments and delivering relevant messaging for each.
The result: 50% reduction in cost-per-lead and surpassed membership goals by 10%.
The strategy: Create excitement around a new product with a full branding overhaul.
The result: Set a new record in Closed-Won rates.
The strategy: Increase morale using internal creative to show employees appreciation for their dedication and hard work. A happy company means happy customers.
The result: Parent company has seen it’s stock price increase 2.3x in 3-year period of our engagement.
The strategy: Break through paper-as-a-commodity stereotypes by developing unique, creative content that appeals to emotion.
The result: A 70% increase in customer inquiries through online channels.
The strategy: Design and launch of first test ad campaign.
The result: A 90% increase in relevant store sales, 2X site traffic compared to the control and 64% return on ad spend.
If your business is ready for results like these companies have experienced, let’s chat.