Successful Marketing Firms Are Built on Culture



All business relationships begin with the human element. We’re all just people first, and usually there are people you like and people you don’t. That’s life. Once you meet a marketing firm and align experience and capabilities with your requirements, it’s time to make the call. We must admit that this decision can be a lot about chemistry. Who do you believe will work with you the way you need and want, and who will make the process enjoyable, or at least, less difficult? Who understands your point of view, your challenges and your opportunities? Who will do a great job for you and make you look great to your constituents? We hope you feel that we are the right advertising agency for you.


What we promise is that we have a culture built on a simple adage: “If it were my business what would I do?” Because we are an independent marketing firm and don’t answer to a holding company we can ask all of our team members to buy into this principle. What that delivers for our clients is actually quite a lot. It requires that we put our client’s interest above our own. That we make recommendations based on careful consideration, as if our jobs depended on it. And in fact, they do. It requires that we are frank and straightforward even if the news is not what you want to hear. And it fosters trust and confidence that we are truly in your corner. Your fight is our fight and your goals are our goals. If you succeed we also succeed. You’ll be hard pressed to find another marketing firm that will care as much as we will.


We believe that life is too short to come to work and not enjoy the people you work with. We built our marketing firm into a great place to work with a few simple principles: being honest and straightforward, staying accountable to one another and our clients, and practicing mutual respect. As it happens we like the likable and around here we don’t go in for a lot of pretense or pretending. Our team is good at what they do and so all the other stuff is unnecessary. If we make a mistake we own it. If we disagree we will work it out. We try to leave our egos at the door and we try to make it fun. We respect and trust each other and so we can focus on doing great work. Digitent management recognizes talent when we see it, and we strive to bring in the most talented professionals within their discipline we can get, but without sacrificing our culture. We think we’ve done the job of building a world-class team whom you will enjoy working with. As we said, we hope we are the right advertising agency choice for you, and there’s one way to find out. Let’s get together.


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