B2B Branding


Media, retail, lending, autos, and even government currencies have experienced quite a disruptive decade. Businesses must either evolve or fade, and traditional models must be constantly re-evaluated. Ambitious, forward looking leadership will embrace the concept of brand evolution. Brands that rely on the status quo will face a critical decision. Do we hold our position and hope that things get better, or pivot and climb for the competitive high ground? Will we ask ourselves the tough questions such as: Are we still relevant? Is our vision still valid? If we did embrace change, what would that look like? What steps must we take to optimize our position, get ahead, or stay ahead of the competition? These are the questions that we, as your B2B brand agency, will help you ask and answer so that your organization will be able to capitalize on what’s working and change what isn’t.


Similarly, start-ups should approach this fast-moving current with the idea that as they work to seek a competitive advantage, their competitors are doing the same. To take the lead, you’ll need to work twice as hard, with the organizations most adaptable to environmental changes winning out in the end. You need a B2B brand strategy firm as dedicated as you are.


 In our experience, when a B2B brand development or evolution program begins there are five key steps we elevate that serve to enhance the opportunity for a truly breakthrough shift. Step one is to establish what winning will look like. Step two is to gain management buy-in from the top down if real change is to occur. Step three is to recruit our advocates from all areas of the enterprise so that our brand shift will be implemented in every corner of the company. Step four is to establish the decision maker. We need an internal driver and an internal owner. In a complex business with multiple business units and many stakeholders, people need to feel they have participated, but avoid the swirl caused by trying to please all. Step five is to take the leap. The well-conceived branding initiative will both deliver the certainty and create the momentum that is needed.


As a B2B brand agency, Digitent is all about results. Pushing a branding effort forward to achieve business results takes experience, resolve, creativity, a well-designed process, and rigor.


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