Analysis is key to digital transformation. Data capture and targeted audiences form the bedrock for a strong digital marketing strategy. Our team captures, cleans, and analyzes the right data to better determine the B2B marketing plan performance, optimize it, attribute the activities and gather actionable insights. Beyond campaign results, we look at business results. Our B2B marketing analytics is the cornerstone of our entire culture. Without it, we’d be spinning our wheels trying to get insight and performance. We take a data and analytics-first approach for any project or campaign and ensure data sources are identified and pulled into our revenue driven B2B marketing ecosystem.


B2B Marketers need to prove marketing is profit center rather than a cost center and that the customer experience is enhanced across all touch points. That requires a more data-driven approach and an increased use of predictive scoring, ABM, personalized experiences, smart email usage, and cloud based data warehousing. It’s a tall order, but one we can confidently handle because we’ve built our B2B marketing analytics services to align with those challenges. We provide a full funnel view of our clients’ businesses with one login. Our dashboards report on pipeline, lead sources, campaign/content effectiveness, revenue, funnel rates, and more. We can even drill in and get granular views of data sets from large swaths of data sources.


We measure everything, from campaign metrics to business metrics. We look at conversions and conversion rates, velocity within the sales funnels, marketing’s influence on or contribution to revenue, cost per MQL, cost per SQL, and win rates, to calculate ROMI and determine how much revenue was driven by marketing efforts.