B2B brands can either fight or embrace the digital transformation taking place all around them and its impact of the process of lead generation. As a B2B lead gen agency, we actively seek out ambitious, sales driven firms to take full advantage of the digital environment. Today’s audiences are consuming much of their information digitally–digital tools and content to research firms, study their offerings, review their performance, and using the data they find to form opinions, hopefully positive, about those organizations.


For B2B Decision Making Units (DMUs) or Buying Committees, 70% of the decision is made BEFORE reaching out to a sales executive. A strong B2B lead generation strategy must include an effective digital experience in the pre-conversation stage. With Digitent as your B2B lead gen agency, you’ll have access to our digital marketing offerings that include the best ways to locate and reach targets, engage them, nurture them, and ensure their experience is positive, that our client’s brands are considered, and that these targets are qualified.


Our lead generation efforts get your content in front of targets through a compelling content strategy involving personalizing content for engagement, effective media planning and execution, and website and landing page development. We integrate our efforts into marketing automation and CRM systems, using tagging and tracking for attribution that lets us provide thorough lead scoring and conversion data.