“Data driven” is the story embraced by the Digitent creative and content teams. The unique aspect of Digitent as a B2B content marketing agency is that we connect our content strategy across the spectrum of our B2B marketing services and deliver against specific project criteria. It is the job of creative to execute content that is engaging, powerful, informative, sometimes funny, beautiful, or otherwise designed to empower the brand to gain the attention of busy B2B target audiences – while being flexible enough to respond to analytics and learning in optimization of planned media channels.


At Digitent, our heritage of content strategy compels us to push creative through our refined strategic requirements, while never sacrificing our collective vision for the brand and for the work. Being an independent content marketing agency, Digitent requires more from our creative and content teams. We must be on point across all aspects of creative performance to deliver the best B2B marketing campaigns and content to ensure the strategy will reach the audience, enhance overall marketing plan effectiveness and support real time directional tweaks as the data dictates. For our creative team, real performance is the ultimate award.


Digitent’s team of creatives are an energized group of visionaries, dreamers, artists, writers, editors, and idea people. They’re the kind of people you want to hang out with, and they give the rest of us a wonderful edge. Although they do have a lot of fun, they also take their responsibility very seriously, being driven by our model of performance and results. We understand that there is no true success in business without dedicated, smart creatives, and that’s why the Digitent marketing ecosystem is designed to empower creative performance at the highest level from content strategy to branding to distribution.