As we know, the concept of linear marketing is long gone. It is interesting to note that according to The Drum it’s projected by the end of 2020 each person in the world will have six or seven connected devices. That is a lot to manage as an individual, much less as a marketer trying to target an audience segment.

At Digitent, we work on two tried and true processes to engage audiences and these make a lot of sense in this fragmented landscape. First, building the persona – primarily to understand behavior so we can divine when and where this person will be on which platform based on what we know about a segment. Second, we look at it as a “day-in-the-life” and it is a moving target. Are they commuting and listening to podcasting, are they at the office and shopping on mobile, are they home late-night binging on their favorite streaming series?

We know we need to get in front of our targets with frequency, and the way to do that is to clearly understand which device, at what time, where, for what purpose and act accordingly. We want it to be an exciting experience that demonstrates we “get” them and are indeed relevant to their lifestyle. But we need to tread lightly. Since the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal, consumers are more aware of how their data is being gathered and used to market to them. We want them to feel like they are in control and are not being bullied into a purchase decision. This is a key part of the psychology of buying. We all know what it feels like for a brand to be too in your face. We hate that.

We use our proprietary content mapping tool called Conductor to sort out the nuances of the behaviors relevant to our client’s media mix and messaging platform. The output is a literal map of the persona, the behavior and the content mix required to reach them at the optimum moment. When you start thinking about your digital marketing in this multi-platform, day-in-the-life construct you will start to see ROI for the effort. Let’s have a quick call to discuss. And check out Conductor on our site: https://thedigitent.com/conductor/