Well, it looks like we picked the right industry at the right time. According to folks at The Drum our full-service digital firm will be growing steadily over the next few years, along with your digital marketer of choice, and many other firms who offer innovative platforms and enable aspects of digital marketing engagement. The Drum notes that digital ad spend in 2018 reached an all-time high, north of the $100 billion mark. And digital marketing platforms lead all players in the media landscape. As explained in the article – “Innovative platforms like over-the-top television, podcasts, virtual reality, and augmented reality all have the potential to help marketers forge even stronger ties with audiences, as brands navigate the new ‘consumer first’ playing field.” Said Randall Rothenberg, CEO of IAB. I like that, and at Digitent we concur. It remains a mystery to me why many companies have yet to embrace the digital transformation that is clearly setting the pace for the future of all things marketing. Many still under invest in social, content, podcasting, video, mobile, even the online user experience, along with other growing media channels where their target audiences now live and breathe. We understand that maybe “likes” don’t move the needle and that media is fragmented and gnarly. But adapting to these external influences that rule the daily lives of our audiences is mission critical for today’s ambitious marketing organization. You know what they say, “$100 billion here and $100 billion there and pretty soon you are talking about real money.” While the old-guard advertising giants and holding companies continue to take on water, being organized around revenue from traditional advertising media spends, I feel lucky that I find myself Chief Creative Officer at Digitent and poised to ride a 5G digital wave in a virtual world.

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Credit: The Drum