AVG is the number three Internet security company in the world, with more than 70 million users. Their competitors are bundled into the sale of a new PC, so AVG needed to create a brand voice powerful enough to break the cycle of renewal and drive consumers to actively switch to AVG.



Create a strategy that would differentiate AVG from the competition from a brand perspective. Build a big idea powerful enough to challenge the leaders who outspend AVG ten fold. A “more human” approach to Internet security was brought to life through the establishment of hugsforhackers.org.


National print and Digital targeting key business opinion formers launched the story that AVG is putting hackers out of work:


Digital – ad campaign to test creative, identify demographics and drive lead and downloads. Undertook low CPM, CPC, CPA and remarketing campaigns across a multitude of ad networks, exchanges and relevant specific sites to build brand and drive downloads.


National print – major U.S. magazines and periodical campaign designed to build brand awareness and drive leads.



Dramatic growth in the number of US users (50MM to 85MM) and increased brand recognition.